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Dec 20, 2010

Some of polymer clay jewelry

Ok, so I have more handmade jewelry items than I've shown here so far. So, I will just try to fix it and show you more of them! Just FYI, polymer clay goodies that I am making are almost all one of a kind. Not all of them can be repeated - and if they can be repeated, they will be alike, but never an exact copy.

Antique Lace necklace. Sold at the craft fair.

Be Green - this is my motto!

"Seven Worlds Collide" - my hubby gave this necklace its name. I didn't object :) 

This is the classic set for a night out or special event.. seed beads and polymer clay beads.

Blue and Gold

"Fallen Leaves", inspired by the song "Autumn leaves"

"Treasures of the lost civilizations"

I have more but will save them for another post :)
What is not sold, is available thru

Stay warm!

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