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Dec 11, 2010

Coming back

I have just started blogging when I was interrupted for few long months.. I have a good excuse though. Buying our first home, helping my mom to move here and then going to her wedding, preparing for my first craft fair.. That may not sound like a lot, but so far it probably was the busiest year of all.
Ok, so now we have settled in our home, adopted a dog (couldn't be happier!) and I've gone thru the experience of a craft fair. What can I say. i have prepared really hard and my table was by far more interesting than anyone else's. Also, my products were more artistic than anything else I've seen there. My only mistake was to chose the wrong place. But oh well, I still did decent, and have certainly learned a lot. I am planning on doing my next fair maybe some time next May. By the way, anybody has a good knowledge of good fair in MA?.. I'd appreciate any info..
I am currently working on my site, but still the mode is more relaxed than it's been in the last 6 months. I finally don't have to rush anything. Just occasional custom orders. Like this coat for a neighbor dawg :) I have a lot of plans like making a dress for my cousin's wedding, cross-stitching a picture.. or few.. making a nice baby blanket (I will have a baby sometimes!), doing more with seed beads.. etc, etc.. No, I am not bored :D
Well, and now few pictures.. more to follow :)

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