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Dec 13, 2010


Do you know what Freecycle is? Any idea?.. If not, I urge you to look it up and find your local Freecycle community. Freecycle is a community, where people give away for FREE something they don't need anymore. Something that still has life left in it and can be used. Something that YOU don't need in YOUR home may be needed in someone else's home. So, you can find stuff you need for free or give away stuff to clean up your garage or attic. This way, I have picked up tons of craft supplies, like fabrics and yarn, just recently I've picked up couple boxes of cross stitch kits and magazines, enough to cross stitch for a lifetime! You can find anything, starting with broken crayons and finishing with furniture. Tons of baby stuff out there, too! So, just take a look at what's there. One tip: don't sign up for a daily digest, but rather for single messages - this way as soon as someone sends a message to a community, you'll receive it. And if you're interested - jump on it, because 1 minute can make a difference between you or somebody else getting it. So, go ahead! Look up Freecycle group of you area, embrace @Reduce-Reuse-Recycle@ rule and stop being a good consumer - it is bad for the Earth!


  1. I have been on Freecycle for awhile but what kills me are the adds begging for stuff. It is one thing to say that you are looking for something...but to give your life story and ask for Christmas gifts...uh there are other agencies for that. But all-in-all the freecycle concept is a good one.

  2. agreed, when people try to push on you, or say "I've lost my blackberry, does anyone has one?" - I hate it, too.. But overall, the concept is awesome!