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Apr 29, 2010

Is it easy to go vegan?

I am often asked by my friends if it's easy to go veg*an. Somehow they assume that it is NOT and do not try or try and fail quickly. Well, what can I say.. Yes, it is difficult if you approach it with the attitude of a sacrifice that you're making in the name of who knows what, maybe just because you think it is cool. Then, of course, it is difficult to not crave foods that you're used to, that your tongue loves so much.. We are in one stage or another are slaves of our tongues.. and so you are looking at carnivores who continue eating meat and envy them.. and then you give up. Because there is no real basis under your veg*anism.
But on the other hand, it is SO easy to go veg*an if you know why exactly you're doing it.. If you know what your foods go thru before getting to your plate.. if you know what it takes to make a nice burger.. or even a glass of milk.. then it is so easy to abandon this type of food. If you look at the cheese and think how tasty it is, but then think about a cow who lived a horrible life that you wouldn't wish to your bad enemy.. think about several little calves who were taken from her and raised for veil.. that cheese does not look all that appealing any more, does it?.. It doesn't to me - and trust me, I was a big cheese lover! After all, the bottom point is - it's all in your head. As soon as you realize that your going veg*an is not just following a fashion or being cool.. when you realize that it is in fact the moral, ethic way of supporting your own life and live in some degree of harmony with the world around you - it becomes so easy.. You don't even crave meat any more. You know, there was one specific type of ice cream that I used to love.. it came from a local creamery that, in fact, treats cows nice.. So, after i decided that i was going to abandon dairy as well, I ate my last ice cream, i enjoyed it - and I was done. Since than, I didn't crave for ice cream any more. Mi brain just realized that it was useless to send me craving signals and so it didn't bother. and when you set up your mind on going veg*an, you find that there are SO MANY awesome ways to feed yuorself and your family with only plant based foods! Tons of good recipes! Take Indian cuisine - that's a blessing for veg*ans!! And with stores like Whole Foods which can offer you a huge variety of produce, as well as grains and all the stuff you may need - it becomes even easier! And trust me, as soon as you lose the HABIT of eating meat, your taste for food will change. It will take some time, but will eventually happen. I have gone thru that kind of transition myself. First i thought that my diet was too plain and boring, then i started discovering more and more recipes, i became more creative in the kitchen - and now - my taste buds love what i cook and don't crave for even cheese! And one more thing.. interesting fact that I have noticed: when you abandon "sharp" tasting food with concentrated taste.. like same cheese, like fried meat, etc., your taste buds start feeling natural tastiness of fruits and veggies better.. products that seemed boring before, now taste so good! Remember, how you start feeding a small baby?.. After just milk, you give him or her some carrot, peas, apple, banana puree - and they enjoy it sooo much! You reach baby's unspoiled stage of eating and enjoying food! And I think it is so awesome!
After all said, remember one thing: whether you say you can or you can't - you're right.