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Jan 25, 2010

My First Post!!!

Hi All!
Well well well... Yes, me too...
I have finally decided to have my own blog! Everybody and their brother seems to have a blog this days. But this of course wasn't the reason why I decided to have my own blog too! No, this was the reason why I opposed having it till the last moment as I just don't love to do what everybody else is doing!! But... I just HAVE to share what's on my mind!

Ok, let me introduce my humble self! My name is Olga MacAfee. No, I am not Scottish :) My husband whom I love very much, is. I am Ukrainian and have moved to US less than 2 years ago. I am accountant by profession but not by my mind set. In soul, I am an Artist! I TOTALLY love creating something with my hands and even more so, I love seeing people using my crafts and being happy with them! This gives me the biggest satisfaction!

Well, here we got to the reason of why I've decided to start a blog. I have to, have to share my thoughts, my ideas and my creations with you, people! Because I feel like I'm getting obsessed with crafts! :D Even in the night, when the rest of the NORMAL people sleep, I keep creating. No, I don't sit on my projects till the early hours in the morning! I simply dream about them! And not only about designs! Very often it happens that I think about some design and yet don't know how to make it best. Well, the solutions come to me in my dreams! And they are often very successful! To be honest, I used to think that only Great people see their next creations in their dreams (ie, Mendeleev). Well, the conclusion is that either i was wrong, or.. I am becoming Great! :D

So, here in my journal I will be posting the pictures and explanations on how I make my new piece and you're welcome to enjoy and get inspired. In case you like anything-don't hesitate to visit my online shop at or just write to me directly! I love crocheting, beading, playing with polymer clay.. etc!

Ok, let's get started!

Here's a company of my dearest friends that I've created to share my positive energy with people: positive kittehs! They fit well into adult's hand and are good for beating if you're pissed at someone or just for putting them onto your desk to cause everybody around (including yourself) to smile. Also good for kids! So I make them with or without beads depending on who's going to use them.

Now, here's my favorite (so far) piece that I've made out of polymer clay:

Ok, I think that's quite enough for the first time, right? I will keep posting.. I have so much more to show-older and newer creations!
See ya!

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